Swirls Ice Cream M&M Brownie Fudge

Swirls Ice Cream M&M Brownie Fudge

My little guy was really happy when I finally gave in and let him try this and have his sweet reward spinner. He went for the Swirls Ice Cream M&M Brownie Fudge flavor. When the ice cream guy was done he actually served this turning it upside down just like what we saw them doing at Dairy Queen in Megamall.

We let him enjoy this treat as we went to the food court nearby to have a seat and while he finished this I was looking into those cool Martin Ukuleles at musician’s friend. I was quietly browsing at the site thanks to my reliable super surf prepaid subscription, I can do just that until my kid was done with his sweet treat. The husband and I actually helped him finish this and our little kid was very willing to share his sweet treat with us anyway.

We will try the other flavors next visit like at the chocolate marshmallows, eclipse and the very rocky road that I was drooling at actually but had to forget about my very own craving.

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