Sea Green Cafe and Lifestyle Shop Davao City

Sea Green Cafe and Lifestyle Shop reminds me of two small restos combined which we have visited during our food trips to those restos a few years back. This new cafe is owned by a Camille Porras according to the waitress we asked.

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They opened last January 19, 2013. Yes finally I was there yesterday with my boys.

We finally got time to check out this new cafe that I have been wanting to go to and check out. Anything that offers healthier options of food (no pork or beef here) is worth checking out during our food trips in the city.

I first heard about this new Sea Green Cafe when a friend told me last week that she wanted us to have a food trip at this new resto in Davao City. I waited but she went there with her friends and so hubby and I thought we should visit the cafe by ourselves when we have time during this month when we are no longer busy.

I like the look of the cafe inside. It is cozy and makes you feel so at home. It isn’t that big, even smaller than I thought based on the photo I saw at their Facebook page. The photo below is the inner part of the resto. The owner and her friend were there working and I took this photo after they moved outside. There were also two female Asian foreigner dining guests who came in a few minutes after we arrived looking for a cafe. They are almost hidden at the lower right corner of this photo.

I liked this section of the cafe (photo below). It looked nicer in the photos I have seen which were taken during daytime. While waiting for our food, I took a few snapshots of the cafe with my iPhone cam.

This section gave me an idea that no matter how small our house may be, we can make it look nice like this. Those curtains they used made me think of hunting for new curtains similar to what you see here, to use this summer at our own place. *wink*

Then the food we ordered arrived… We actually decided to skip ordering any dish from the main course. We want something just like heavy snacks for now since we just want to try some of the dishes we saw and wanted to eat last night such as…

Creamy Smoked Salmon Linguini (P180)

I instantly loved this pasta dish that they have. It is my first time to have tried bits of salmon mixed into a pasta dish. My son liked the pasta alone. Hubby and I love salmon which can be quite expensive and not that easy to find in the restos in the city. But we love it and so we’d go for and try any dish that has salmon in it just as this pasta dish that Sea Green has to offer.

Fried Quezong Puti Salad with Dalandan Vinaigrette (P150)

When I found this salad on their menu, it instantly reminded me of a salad we ate at our fave Mary Grace Cafe in Greenbelt 2 (which also had fried kesong puti or breaded nuggets of kesong puti on lettuce and tomatoes and drizzled with calamansi vinaigrette). Sea Green’s salad version had cherry tomatoes and just had a rather strong tangy taste in their dalandan vinaigrette.

Fried quezong puti on a closer look. It tastes good. I could have eaten more of them actually.

Now here is one of the reasons that I was excited to go to Sea Green…

Nutella Stuffed French Toast Topped with Strawberry (P120)

This is really delicious. The boys and I loved it! It made me really appreciate Nutella and reminded me of those bottles that my sister used to send us from UK that the boys and I could not consume and usually share with my sister, nephews and niece so it won’t go to waste. This is something we ought to try making at home with my boys one day. For the meantime, those who love Nutella and want a delicious brunch treat could try this one from Sea Green Cafe. We enjoyed sharing it and I hope you will too when you get to try it.

Sea Green is also a lifestyle shop and shown here below is the shelf where they display a few stuff for sale.

They are selling these plates for P750.

Cafeno Batangas coffee for sale… Cafeno is a cafe in San Juan, Batangas known for their signature freshly brewed barako coffee.

Lunch bags for sale per piece or set of 3s…

Kape Maria – Apo and Calauit for sale…

Leyende shampoo and conditioners for sale…

Honey milk lotion, massage oil and face scrubs for sale too…


Kitchen utensils… I am not sure if these are just for display or for sale as well. *wink*

Now for those who are curious and asking about their food… here is their menu.

The only available dessert is their Tablea cheesecake when we were there. I decided to skip it for the meantime. We will be back for their desserts, other dishes to try and of course their main course next time.

Before I end this, let me share this photo of something I found in their shelf that has some inspiring thoughts for you and I to ponder in life…

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Sea Green Cafe and Lifestyle Shop is located between Mercury Drug Store and Bioessence, beside Mom’s Laundry Shop at the Circumferential Road, Davao City.

Sea Green Cafe and Lifestyle Shop Davao City

Phone numbers are 305 4765 or 0939 936 1081. Check out their Facebook page –

They are open Monday to Saturday from 11:30AM – 2:00PM then from 5:30PM – 10:00PM.

They accept only cash payment for now. And they do have free WIFI. :)

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