Doughnut Theater

Our little boy wanted to see the doughnut theater where they make the original glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts (made from a recipe going back to the 1930′s) rolling off the line hot and fresh from their machine that you could try pronto!

Krispy Kreme Davao Hotlight is On

When the hot light sign is on that means their signature, original glazed doughnuts are rolling off hot from the doughnut machine that one could see from their open doughnut theater. They have one here in the city at SM Annex Davao. These photos were taken during the VIP event two days before they finally opened their first two stores in the city to the public.

Krispy Kreme Davao Doughnut Theater SM Davao Annex

Krispy Kreme Davao Doughnut Theater SM Davao Annex

Looking at those really sweet, glazed doughnuts rolling off hot in the line in their doughnut machine it just reminds me of those … that my dad and I were talking about over a cup of coffee partnered with original glazed doughnuts when he was here in our place for a visit.

I wonder if they would be ever making those chocolate glazed doughnuts of Krispy Kreme, I am sure the little boy would be more delighted to see them roll of hot from the line from their doughnut machine at SM Annex. What he is more excited to do next time if we see Kuya Ronel again is that he could try dipping a doughnut and top it with colorful sprinkles as toppings just like the one he saw me do int the photo during the launching at the Abreeza branch two days before they opened to the public. It was a fun experience for me and am sure for our little kid who was happy to see the doughnut theater, he would be very delighted as well to do what I did as well.

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