Sneak Peek of a Bellycious Lechon Belly

Bellycious Boneless Lechon Belly

Now that is just a sneak peek of a bellycious lechon belly that we luckily get to try yesterday during a taste test. Not sinful nor salty but satisfying. Satisfying one’s craving for our fave lechon and take note this has a taste of lechon Cebu. Just the belly part and no bones which as they say makes more value for your hard earned money especially this Christmas.

It can be a little bit pricey let’s say P30 more than the usual lechon per kilo but you got more of the lechon and no bones from the belly part that most if not all of us usually go for first when a whole lechon will be laid out in front of us in feast in any family gathering or special occasion. Will blog more about this and post more photos in my next post about Beloy’s boneless lechon belly.

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