Pansititoy’s Pansit Malabon

Pansititoy's Pansit Malabon

Pansititoy’s Pansit Malabon uses ingredients that comes from Malabon. That’s what I do remember the owner telling us during our visit to their Ecoland branch a few months ago during the Sooo Pinoy food trip at that particular branch. I remember I really love the taste of it though am not much of a fan of pansit Malabon. I love the palabok more honestly but their version of pansit Malabon really impressed me.

I have tasted other pansit Malabon before but when I tried it again three days ago, I know it is really good. It may not be for some but I like the taste really. I could have two servings but one serving is really heavy already and I could not say no if I get served with another box of this one. Again I am not a fan of pansit Malabon but yes I love their version. Even my hubby agrees. If you could suggest some place else that has a better tasting pansit Malabon let me know so we can try it as well.

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