Beloy’s Boneless Lechon Belly… a Taste of Cebu Lechon Belly Now in Davao

Beloy's Boneless Lechon Belly round logo - NCCC Mall Davao

Beloy’s Boneless Lechon Belly… a Taste of Cebu Lechon Belly Now in Davao!

Last week, I posted a Sneak Peek of a Bellycious Lechon Belly and got busy but as I have promised, I will be posting here additional photos of our first visit in Beloy’s where we got to taste their bellycious boneless lechon belly.

Boneless lechon belly is an alternative to a whole lechon that is gaining popularity among lechon lovers not only in Cebu but here in Davao City now. There was a time in the recent couple of months that I have been reading about that roasted pork belly or what they also call boneless lechon belly in Cebu from food bloggers in Manila that makes me think indeed it can be Cebu’s latest pork obsession invading other parts of the country and it has now arrived here in Davao.

Thanks to the owners, one of them is Sir Ian Evangelista who we met last December 11. They just opened the first branch of Beloy’s last December 3, 2012 at NCCC Mall Davao in front of the Supermarket area and they chose Davao to let the people especially those who are  from Cebu to still enjoy and have a taste of lechon Cebu which uses more of those so-called secret herbs and spices that gives it a tasty and aromatic flavor that Cebu lechon is known and loved for. At the same time, the owners want non-Cebuanos to also have a real Cebu lechon experience right here in Davao City.

Beloy’s is coined from the secret recipe the owners developed for their lechon and they played with the word belly hence the name Beloy’s.

Indeed for those who love to eat lechon (just imagining that crispy-licious roasted pig skin makes me all so hungry right now!) knows that the lechon’s belly part is probably the most sought after part first when people go to the lechon in any fiesta, party or meal gathering where it is being served. For us in the Philippines, we usually have a lechon as part of our Filipino tradition. But as customers we want that flavorful portion of the roasted pig which is the belly and and at the same time value for our money so a boneless lechon belly should be a very good option.

We know that the belly can be said to be the best part of the roasted pig. I personally chose from that part when we buy lechon. Most people I know usually go for that part of the lechon first as well. I won’t deny that especially the crispy skin from the belly part goes to my plate first before anything else and that makes me ask the people from Beloy’s if they could possibly sell all crispy lechon skin as well in the future perhaps.

Beloy’s boneless lechon belly is stuffed with herbs – a mix of herbs which is a secret they won’t tell us yet. I could see the onions and lemongrass but I can’t tell what the others are. Now I am not an expert with herbs so I’ll leave it to you dear friends to try their lechon belly and find out what other secret herbs they used. I am not pretending to be a food expert and neither am I a food critic. I am simply a food tripper who loves to eat and for this food trip it’s lechon!

Here’s the chopped boneless lechon belly from Beloy’s that we got to taste for the first time.

The secret mix of herbs they put in it gives this boneless lechon’s taste a flavor quite different compared to the usual lechon that we have tasted here in the city where we only have the tanglad or lemon grass. They source the main ingredients from Cebu where it is prepared and the flown all the way from Cebu to Davao where they roast the lechon belly here at their commissary located somewhere in Bangkal.

Indeed while other people look for fat-free food these days, one could also say or consider this that there are still many people who long and crave for food, especially during the holiday season, which Sir Ian calls as “free fat” which is understandably what it has. It’s actually those parts with fat when cooked right that makes it all the more delicious. Mmmmmmm….

If you buy a kilo it will cost only P480 while a whole slab of the bonesless lechon belly, depending on the weight which could be 4-5 kilos could be around P2,400. Half a kilo costs P250 while 1/4 kilo costs P125. They also sell Lechon Paksiw for P60 an order and Sisig for P90 an order.

They tried to weigh one whole Beloy’s boneless lechon belly and this one is about 4.31 kgs and costs about P2,157.50.

They do deliver in certain areas for now and may expand the area covered in the future. You can call them to book orders thru 0917 998 6137. Thank you Sir Ian for having us and letting us try this bellycious boneless lechon belly! I hope you my dear friend may also get to try it and taste it as bellycious as we did during our visit.

If we were to have our traditional family gathering with my family during Christmas and New Year in the house instead of dining out, I would like my family to try and enjoy Beloy’s boneless lechon belly. If ever it’s gonna be simple yet some Christmas feast for us!

Have a blessed Christmas everyone! :)

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