A Few Days More

A few days more and it’s the end of another year and a start of a brand new year of hope for all of us. A hope for me to have better health if not the best of health so I can enjoy eating more food in the coming new year. It is also a time to remind myself that even if we still do get to enjoy the delicious food during our food trips, we still have to find time to make ourselves fit. So maybe I could hopefully involve myself more in more physical activities. A crazy idea came up tonight as we thought how about wrestling since I saw those wrestling mats from Suplay and while I was earlier thinking of one particular martial arts for the little boy to learn and get involved in as part of a training for self discipline.

A few more days and we will be celebrating and greeting a brand new year of hopefully more delicious food trips here and there. I wish everyone who may get to read this short post a blessing-filled new year in 2013. What will you be preparing for new year’s eve celebration in only a few more days from now?

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