Krispy Kreme’s Hotlight Turns on Tomorrow at SM Davao Annex & Abreeza Mall


Krispy Kreme’s Hotlight officially turns on tomorrow at SM Davao Annex and Abreeza Mall as it opens its doors to the people of Davao and Mindanao.

Experience Krispy Kreme Opening on October 20, 2012 at SM City Davao Annex and Abreeza Mall! That’s one more day to go so be there and be counted among the first 100 lucky customers who will get delicious and sweet treats from Krispy Kreme for a month or if you get so lucky for a year supply of Krispy Kreme doughnuts plus a cup of their coffee each day for a whole year. Wow!

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“Maayong pag abot sa Davao” indeed as Davao welcomes the sweet and delicious doughnuts of Krispy Kreme that’s opening not just one but TWO stores in Davao City tomorrow! They love Davao and indeed life is here and so is Krispy Kreme!

So are you ready to line up and be among the first 100 customers who’ll get a chance to win the Golden Ticket? Know the details here. That means one year supply of Krispy Kreme doughnuts for you to share with your family, friends and office or classmates maybe. Are you lining up already today? Well good luck!

We are thankful that we both got invited to the Krispy Kreme Media Event yesterday at their Abreeza Mall branch for lunch, and VIP Cocktails that followed later in the afternoon at their SM Davao Annex branch that will soon open its doors to Davao and wait that won’t be long for that is tomorrow already Saturday, the 20th of October 2012.

Krispy Kreme Philippines’ officials were present in yesterday’s important event in Abreeza as well as in SM Davao Annex.

The press, bloggers and few guests during the event got to meet Krispy Kreme Philippines’ managing director Ms. Carolyn Salud who gave a short message.

The short program at Abreeza yesterday won’t be complete without a message from Krispy Kreme Philippines’ chairman Mr. Jim Fuentebella.

Ms. Steph of Krispy Kreme Philippines’ marketing department hosted the short program.

Yesterday at their Abreeza branch, we got sweet and delicious treats as we got to sample their doughnuts for desserts that came first before a lunch buffet prepared by Ms. Carmina del Rosario of Bangkok Wok restaurant which you may have heard before.

Here are some of the doughnuts that we got to try…

And yes we each got to take home a dozen doughnuts of our choice too like a box of that one below. I let them choose a dozen of assorted doughnuts for me.

While hubby got a half dozen box of Kruffins! Choices of Kruffins (P65) are Double Chocolate (best-seller), Mango, Chocolate Chip, Banana Walnut, and Carrot Pecan. They also what they call Pull-Aparts. I remember I like the Cinnamon (p65). Other choices are Four Cheese (P70) and Beef & Cheese (P75).


Thank you so much Krispy Kreme for all the sweet treats we had yesterday! *wink*

More freshly made original glazed doughnuts rolling out and given to the VIP and guests during the event at Krispy Kreme at SM Davao Annex in the evening after the store was finally unveiled. Some of the guests lining up to get their Krispy Kreme doughnut treats last night.

Honestly the line of people went on and on and did not seem to end. I know they’d be coming back for more when the two stores open tomorrow.

After lunch, we indulged back to our dessert. I chose Snickers Classic doughnut, an old fave that I could remember when we bought and tasted Krispy Kreme doughnuts at their MOA branch 2 years and 16 days ago. Yes I remembered it well. I also remembered I loved their Baked Creations! Abreeza branch will have the Baked Kitchen where the brand’s Baked Creations are freshly rolled out daily. I tried their best seller Kruffin (P65 each) – the Double Chocolate are those chocolate Kruffins.

For the past 75 years, Krispy Kreme has been making hot and fresh doughnuts that are guaranteed to be made of the highest quality. Consistency in quality is always the key to customer satisfaction in my own humble opinion. So I hope they will keep it up all the time. Krispy Kreme has branches around the world like in the USA, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Middle East, Turkey, China, Thailand, United Kingdom and the Philippines of course which opened in 2006 at Boni High Street.

Now these ladies (they are from the Abreeza branch) are ready to serve Davao. Actually it is more of a girl power team in their Abreeza branch. While the team in the photo below are from the SM Davao Annex. These two branches are opening on the same day and that’s already TOMORROW!

Now you got to try these… their best seller and signature doughnut of course is the Original Glazed doughnut. Watch out for the hotlight in their stores… The HOT LIGHT – when their neon hot doughnuts now sign is on and lit up, it means that their world-famous melt-in-your-mouth original glazed doughnuts are rolling hot off the line. These doughnuts that costs P32 each are made from a secret recipe going as far back as 1930′s. Grab the Dozen Deal Original Glazed doughnuts for only P285 and save P99.

The Doughnut Theater that tells you to do some window shopping for your hungry eyes.

In an hour, they can make 110 dozen doughnuts according to Mr. Fuentebella. That’s 1,320 doughnuts an hour.

The first drive thru of Krispy Kreme in Visayas and Mindanao is at the SM Davao Annex. The first one in line tomorrow also gets 1 year supply of doughnuts. The two other drive thru I know are at their MOA and Greenhills branches.

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I already saw six cars in line this afternoon around past 4PM and there was also a line of people outside the Krispy Kreme store about 14 or so of them. Good luck and don’t leave your line until 9AM tomorrow morning guys! *wink* So are the Krispy Kreme fans in Davao ready for tomorrow? Are you lining up with your friends and family starting today? I’d love to see you there. As they have asked earlier, what will be the first Krispy Kreme Doughnut you will eat tomorrow? Anyone lining up early at their Abreeza branch tomorrow? Say hello!

Maayong pag-abot sa Dabaw Krispy Kreme! A sweet start with your love for Krispy Kreme starts tomorrow in Davao! See you! :)

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  1. Nothing beats the original glazed KK donut :) I remember asking friends from Canada to send me some KK when we didn’t have KK in Dubai that time. Thank goodness they opened here few years ago and am glad that it’s not in the Phils too :)

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