Blugre Coffee Opens 10th Branch at Davao Doctors HMPC

Blugre Coffee Opens 10th Branch at Davao Doctors’ HMPC

Blugre Coffee Davao Doctors - DAVAOFOODTRIP.COM

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Blugre Coffee Davao Doctors - DAVAOFOODTRIP.COM

We are not just a cup of coffee. We are a global brand, a lifestyle, and a brand that gives back.” ~Blugre Coffee

Check out Blugre Coffee’s latest and the 10th branch that opened at the right side of the ground floor of the Hospitality Management Practicum Center (HMPC) Building, Davao Doctors College in Malvar Street, Davao City.

Blugre Coffee Davao Doctors - DAVAOFOODTRIP.COM

Last February 28, 2013 along with a few invited bloggers, we were at the Blugre Coffee Davao Doctors’ branch launch. We were not able to witness the program for the grand opening and dedication. There was a short notice of the change in schedule from the original time. It could have been a good thing perhaps because there were so many people there before we arrived someone said. We came there just in time maybe to enjoy the evening with fellow bloggers at the newest Blugre branch in Davao.

One of the first things I checked was the food on display… yes the foodie in me was hungry and craving to try their choco torte that time. I also saw my favorite macaroons loaf. The durian bar was something new to me. I want to try it soon.

Blugre Coffee Davao Doctors

We also got to taste some of the food that Blugre is proud of which they served during the grand opening of this branch. Try these when you get to visit the newest branch at Davao Doctors College HPMC Bldg.

Blugre Coffee Davao Doctors tuna pesto cream

Tuna Pesto Cream. Now I know what Sir BMC was talking about. Me and my friend both agreed while eating and having a taste of it that this is good! Hope they keep up the consistency of the good and delicious taste of this pasta dish. Try it if you still haven’t since and tell me what you think. *wink*

Choco Torte. A popular and favorite cake among Blugre customers. It is a rich and chocolately cake. Those who like moist chocolate cake should go and try this at Blugre.

Banana Streusels

Blugre Coffee Davao Doctors

Sliced Hungarian Sausage... delicious and spicy.

Blugre Coffee Davao Doctors red velvet

Red Velvet… I do have a friend who loves red velvet and am sure just like her those people who like it too should try this when they visit Blugre.

Blugre Coffee Davao Doctors

Raspberry Iced Tea… refreshing new drink to try from Blugre especially this summer season.

Here is the menu of their drinks – coffee and non-coffee, hot or cold…

Blugre Coffee Davao Doctors

Then I saw this cute little Blugre Cafe mug on the counter that they later gave away as a prize won by Nat. They no longer make this so this is like a souvenir mug.

Blugre Coffee Davao Doctors coffee mug

Now Blugre is using this new ordering system in their newest branch (something similar to what I have seen being used at The French Baker in SM Lanang). The Blugre baristas will be taking customers’ orders using a tablet just like the one shown in this photo below where they did a quick demo on how the new ordering process goes. For those with Android, they can also download the app. Just ask the Blugre barista in this newest branch for more details on that.

As far as I know, Blugre will be the first among the coffee shops in the Philippines that will use this kind of new wireless ordering system.

Let us share something from Blugre Coffee:

Blugre Coffee welcomes New York investors…

February 28, 2013 Davao City -  True to its bid to go global in branding Blugre, Davao’s first and premier coffee company, it is opening its doors to a couple from New York City, USA.

Both natives of Cabacan, Cotabato, Rod and Cecilia Buada sought their greener pasture in the Big Apple. The couple are currently working at New York’s Brookhaven Memorial Hospital and Medical Center and had been living in the United States for about 10 years now. Their desire to go back to the Philippines led them to scout for numerous investment opportunities while in New York. Fortunately, the Buadas learned about Blugre through Rod’s hometown friend, the President of Blugre’s Global Franchise Development. Talks ensued about the potential of the business and from then forward, Cecilia began convincing Rod to seriously consider Blugre as their opportunity of choice. And as they say, the rest is history. The Buadas inked an agreement to be a joint-venture partner with Blugre Coffee Corporation in the Davao Doctors Branch which has been a hot item in the eye of Blugre and its shareholders. Luckily for everyone including the Buadas, this space in Davao Doctors opened up for the team and the partnership with the least effort. With this partnership with Blugre, the Buadas are already excited about the possibility of being the first Filipino franchisee in New York within the near future.

Blugre is now open for franchising opportunities nationwide and worldwide. For inquiries, all interested parties can contact the Vice President for Franchising Benjamin M. Cuaresma, Jr. at +63822851069 or via email at

See you then at this newest branch or in any of their branches in Mindanao. There are more news from Blugre as they make the coffee brand go global this year and in the years to come.

Congratulations Sir Rod, Sir BMC, Ms. Joanne and to the whole Blugre Coffee Corporation!

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